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Oservations From Europe by John Lengemann

Oservations From Europe


Listening to the news on BBC, Sky News and CNN Europe you obtain a different take from what you get by listening to those who cheerlead for the administration in the United States. There is little support for Obama’s policy against ISIS and for any intervention in the Ukraine. However those who live in the Baltic States such as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are extremely fearful of what will be the next shoe to fall. With populations that are at a minimum 25% Russian speaking they legitimately fear a Ukraine like invasion and then wonder if they can they count on the U.S. and N.A.T.O. to honor their commitment to guarantee their security?


Many here look at the six years of the Obama administration and conclude that their early love affair with him was an ill-advised liaison. They ask the questions:

Is Europe safer from Russian aggression than it was six years ago? No.

Is the threat to Europe as well as the U.S. from Islamic terrorism less now than it was six years ago? No.

Is the United States held in higher regard or more feared than it was six years ago? No.

Is the safety of the United States from incursions along its southern border less now than it was six years ago? No.

Is the world economy led by a vibrant and growing American economy? No.

Can allies of the United States count upon it to honor its commitments? No.

Does the United States support the government of Israel with the same fervor it has in the past? No. In fact people I have spoken with tell me they believe Obama is a Muslim raised in a Madrassa.

To these questions I can add:

Has the administration honored the rule of law and observed the boundaries established by the Constitution? No.

Has the administration come clean with the Benghazi scandal? No.

Has the administration sought to discover the actions of the I.R.S. regarding targeting conservative organizations? No.

Does the administration have a clue about the threat of radical Islam and is it willing to do anything about it? No.


By any standard President Obama’s six years have been an abysmal failure. If it is possible he is even worse than Jimmy Carter and that takes a real effort to accomplish. It is inconceivable to me how any fair minded person can continue to defend his actions and policies. Contrary to the beliefs of my progressive friends I would love to have every one of our presidents successfully lead this country to prosperity, peace and safety. However Obama does not have the skills nor the inclination to do so. He is a committed left wing ideologue who will ignore any fact that does not fit his template of how the world should be as opposed to how it really is.



John L. Lengemann

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