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Message from Virginia’s 7th District voters: Stop the LYING and represent us.

     Eric Cantor was/is a liar who put his own selfish political ambitions above the desires of the people he was elected to represent and eventually he paid the price by being fired.  Cantor lied repeatedly.  He told his constituents one thing and then went to Washington and did the exact opposite.  Cantor told his constituents he was a fiscal conservative, but went to Washington and voted to increase spending and increase the national debt.  Cantor told his constituents that he supported the military but then went to Washington and voted to approve Paul Ryan’s disastrous budget that cut military salaries and pensions while allowing Obama to increase welfare spending. Cantor told his constituents he was against amnesty then went to Washington and told the Chamber of Commerce, and other Pro-Amnesty groups that he favored a pathway to citizenship for children because they didn’t do anything wrong.  This twisted illogic defied the rule of law and contributed to the present unprecedented influx of “children” on our southern border, and of course when the children become adults they can legally bring in their other 10 family members to the U.S.  But Cantor deceived his constituents by not telling them all the facts or that they would pay higher taxes, or that the national debt would increase to pay for his amnesty plans.  But Cantor’s constituents were not fools and they were not deceived by this fraud.

     If there is one single message that Virginia’s 7th district voters very loudly proclaimed to their political representative, it is this:  STOP THE LYING – RIGHT NOW, OR WE WILL FIRE YOU.  Now if this message was adopted by the entire country!  Then the late 20th century political model of the successful politician as exemplified by Obama, Cantor, Paul Ryan, and the other actor/liars will become obsolete.

     Are you taking notes Candice Miller?

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