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Candice Miller votes to Increase Spending and Taxes and to Reduce Sequester Cuts

     Candice Miller, socialist Republican House of Representative, again voted to support Big Government.  Yesterday, December 12, 2013 Miller voted “Aye” for House Resolution 59, on Roll Call 640 concerning the 2 year budget proposal.  This resolution, which will now be sent to the senate, INCREASES TAXES AND INCREASES SPENDING. This resolution takes back $65 billion in already approved sequester CUTS and now gives that money to Obama to spend. This is a clear victory for Obama to undo the hard fought spending cuts known as the Sequester. In return, Obama promises to decrease spending only $23 billion over a period of 10 YEARS .  The net result is Obama gets to spend an additional $65 billion over 2 years but must only promise to cut spending $4.6 billion over the same 2 year period.  Additionally, taxes are increased for fees on Americans using airlines and other services and of course borrowing and the debt ceiling will have to be raised to fund the spending increase.  The Socialist Democrats have played this game on Republicans many times to perfection:   “Give us big spending increases NOW with tax increases and borrowing, and we will promise to cut a little spending in the future. Of course the spending cuts never happen because new congresses are not bound by previous congress’s commitments (note this congress is undoing the previous congress’s Sequester cuts).  Democrats (and Republicans) will use this ploy on immigration also. 

    Unfortunately for taxpayers, this is not just a Democrat trick.  Republicans are in on the game.  Closet socialists like Candice Miller are interested only in getting elected and enjoying the trappings of office.  Candice Miller’s primary skill is in deceiving her Republican constituents into believing something she is not.  Miller is as much a big government bureaucrat as any Democrat.  The only difference is she lives in a majority Republican voter district and therefore she needs to deceive her Republican constituents into voting for her but not holding her accountable for voting for big government, big spending, and big brother surveillance.  She is very skilled at doing that.

      The only two Michigan Republicans that voted “NO” to the Budget Resolution were Justin Amash, and Kerry Bentivlio.  Camp, Upton, Rodger, Huizeng, Miller, Benishek, Walberg all voted “AYE”.  It is a shame that as Americans are struggling with high unemployment, dramatically higher health premiums and deductibles (all caused a big government - socialist style takeover of the health industry), that our “Republicans” would vote to INCREASE TAXES and UNDO sequester spending cuts to allow Obama to INCREASE SPENDING, thereby increasing Big Government once again.   

     This website: lists the vote of all 435 House of Representatives.  

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