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GET YOURSELF INFORMED... Do your homework (think things ALL the way through)... The little details MATTER!

[I attended a U.S. Senate Candidate forum (2 were in attendance). Here is what (I came away with, and) I felt was most important to share with those at their site following that event. It is worth sharing with all of you too.]

A TEA Party principle/value: GET INFORMED - don't take the platitudes and speeches as the determining factor of your votes, but instead the starting point on which you do your "due diligence" and think through the whole process.

There is an old saying: "Don't sweat the small stuff!" Well, my friends, in this case, that is wrong, Wrong, WRONG!!! It is the little things that make all the difference in the world! While they all (at least claim) to agree on the big issues; whom among them are walking the walk, not just talking the talk (and dancing about playing both sides of the issues (duplicity games))? If they are actually all "equal" on the big things, those little differences are where you should be distinguishing/voting your conviction!!!

Most of the Candidates are mouthing the words they think you want to hear - WHAT IS THERE RECORD?!?!? If they don't have a "voting record" to go on then you need to carefully further examine their comments and see how much in line their rhetoric REALLY IS with TEA Party beliefs, principles, values, etc... Are they telling you their CORE CONVICTIONS or PLAYING ALL SIDES (like the folks we're trying to get rid of)???

Most Candidates will give you some song and dance about how they will 'self limit' and 'serve only two Terms in Office.' WOW, really.... Think that through, they refuse to take a real stand! There is ONE Candidate that supports TERM LIMITS. To those that want you to take their word they will only serve 2 terms (even if they keep their word), let me drop a name: JOHN DINGELL. What about those OTHER career/lifelong Politicians who want to serve until they die in Office and the folks that keep voting them back into Office just because it's a name they recognize on the ballot. TERM LIMITS MATTER. Pick a side, either TERM LIMITS must be expanded to encompass House and Senate members or they should be removed from the POTUS! Pick a side, take a stand, stop pretending! Is your guy taking a stand, or just dancing around it (platitudes or substance)? (see: STOP TALKING, START LEGISLATING! ("Contrast for America"))

Some want to pay you lip service when it comes to FREEDOM (RIGHT) TO WORK. They are for it, but...... Where does your Candidate stand? Is he "dodging" this one too?!?! Is he giving wishy-washy reasons or excuses (it's a State issue) to PLAY BOTH SIDES or (like ONE BOLD CANDIDATE) is he telling you his core conviction? There is only one that is ON the MICHIGAN FREEDOM TO WORK team - fighting for those principles - while the others dance about and lobby for Union money. Many Union members in Michigan favor FREEDOM TO WORK, while your Candidate may want to play both sides and play it safe, you should be picking the Candidate that TAKES A STAND with you (substance, not platitudes). (see: "FREEDOM To Work" Legislation in Michigan report)

I heard one Candidate say "well... we're all for Marriage between one man and one woman" - what a cop-out. What he/they are really telling you that while Obama does NOT uphold the Defense Of Marriage ACT (Law), they don't really want to be 'on the record' as for it nor do they really want to stand up and do anything about it. They want to play it safe, just PANDER to you by paying it lip-service. Do they really have core convictions, or are they PLAYING YOU? There is only one Candidate that helped write Michigan's Marriage ACT that was on the ballot and passed overwhelmingly. If you don't care about "Social Issues" you must remember the point is about whether one has Conservative values as their core conviction, not rhetoric of convenience and whether they've demonstrated their words in deeds!

Differences between someone who mentions "States' Rights" and the ONE Candidate that engages you in the discussion of the 17th Amendment! ObaMAO-care's violation of the Commerce clause, and the like.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK... Core values/convictions matter... The little things/differences matter!! Do you really want another Politician placating you with words but NOT promising to do anything about them?!?!

If they are PLAYING you on these issues, can you trust them on the other Issues?!?!?! We need someone that will PUSH the Republican Senate establishment to do the Right/Conservative thing, as much as they will resist the Democrat Left's Liberal/Progressive agenda (and RINOs desire to cave in to it). They say they want to CUT, but are "fuzzy" on the details (don't want to take any real sides, do they really want to cut anything?), while ONE Candidate tells you specifically where and what he'll cut. (see: Base-line Budgeting and STOP TALKING, START LEGISLATING! ("Contrast for America"))

Notice how I purposefully DID NOT name any names (I am confident, if you do your due diligence, you will reach the right conclusions)!?!? DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK! These differences can be heard during debates (find many of them to listen to or watch at and DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK and think things all the way through, not just give into the "feel good" (checklist) talking-points and discern who PROMISES to actually do (and/or already is doing) something about it!!!

The choice is NOT between the Washington insider or the Party insider, but of the REAL TEA Party Candidate that has grassroots support and why he is winning TEA Party straw-poll after straw-poll (not just an occasional one here and there, or like another Candidate who now says "I won't go to TEA Party events where a Straw-poll is conducted" and has dodged some TEA Party debates).

We must have a BOLD contrast between our Candidate and Debbie Stabenow. One with core convictions and who takes FIRM positions rather than attempts to pander for your vote by giving some lukewarm answers to your questions.

It is the minor differences that are CRITICAL and tell you whether you have someone with Conservative core values/convictions and a strong positive foundation of such in their Character, or another CINO mouthing the words.

Lastly, while everyone is claiming to be a Reagan protege, some of those same folks (or those supporting a Candidate) are the ones that told you he (Reagan) was UN-ELECTABLE. Don't fall for that garbage again. Vote for THE most Conservative Candidate - WE make him electable. Then there's that whole "TEA Party Candidate" they all proclaim to be - well ONLY ONE has been working with, involved, and even helping to get them up and running from the grassroots from the very beginning (years ago), the other Johnny-come-latelies just expect to "claim" (without merit) to be one of you and want to be anointed the "TEA Party Candidate" without EVER having EARNED the title. ONE has been in the trenches with you, while others are really TPINO (TEA Party In Name Only)!

OK, so some of them may have been a bit too busy to be involved with the TEA Party grassroots directly. However, if you really examine them you can tell which ones really have the TEA Party movement at heart and who are just looking to use you as a useful idiot. It is Character and core convictions at question. Go to Michigan4ConservativeSenate and view the early Debates and compare them with the later Debates and see who has 'changed their tune' or "nuanced" their positions compared to those who have NOT because Conservatism is at their core and they have had the answers right from the start!!!

A couple (and their surrogates) are now down-right HOSTILE toward the current TEA Party movement at co-operation (MI4CS) because they feel they should just be anointed the TEA Party Candidate without having to EARN the title! They divide and undermine some TEA Party groups.

Another rebuttal to those opposing MI4CS (01/12) - Open letter to those considering MI4CS cooperation
Stabenow must go (12/11) - Why MI U.S.Senator Stabenow must go

My opinion, with due respect,

Joseph (@JLenardDetroit) Lenard, 1108 Mulberry St, Wyandotte MI 48192
learn all about me here
(734) 282-0643 / cell: (734) 218-4630 / call anytime
Quote me:
"Remember, Liberals - looking to do for America, what they've done to Detroit. - Destroy it!"
"I think, therefore I am Conservative"
"Conservative by choice, Republican by necessity"
"The more things 'hope and change' the more they stay the same"
"You can lead a Liberal to the Truth (Facts), but you cannot make them THINK!"
"The only safe Democrat (Liberal), is an un-elected (out of power) Democrat!"
"Romney [No, not my first choice] does NOT have a MORMON problem. He has a; far too many Americans, these days are; MORONS problem!"
"No more Lawyers in DC, we must send people who can ADD (Accountants)"


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February 2012 update: I was at an event in Wayne County and I heard a Candidate (all of a sudden) singing a different tune (and you may be assuming/guessing the wrong one) than he was in the past regarding a few topics..... It troubles me when I see (more than one) "leading" Candidate pandering for votes changing their tune depending on the audience. We need REAL leadership, honesty, and INTEGRITY, to provide the stark contrast to the Liberal Stabenow and her ilk! There are several Candidates with INTEGRITY, that don't waffle, depending on who they are talking to (one audience over another and/or in a one-on-one setting). Listen in on the Candidates more one-on-one and see if their "story" stays consistent!?!?!? I have heard such PANDERING conversations.... We need a Candidate that has CONSERVATIVE VALUES as their core-convictions, someone with CHARACTER, to get behind - NOT just the same old Politics with a Candidate that will get TRAPPED/CAUGHT in their contradictions and lies (watch the early debates versus what they say (flip-flops and/or posturing/pandering) now @ and cause so many to stay home on election day that we land up losing again to all those VOTES FOR HIRE that will be bused into the polls by the Unions, ACORN (by any name), etc, groups that the Democrats will muster on election day! An honest Candidate that will enthuse and RALLY OUR SIDE and GOTV (Get Out The Vote). It is NOT just the Presidential ticket and/or the Senate seat at stake - if we pick the wrong Candidates, a weak up-ticket will cause losses down-ticket and can very well cause us loss of control in Lansing (of one, or both, bodies of the Legislature) and then we'll not see any Conservative Bills (Freedom To Work, School Reforms, Election Reform, Election Fraud countered, etc) passed!!!

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Comment by Joseph (JLenardDetroit) Lenard on February 23, 2012 at 2:00pm

Marco Rubio is the example…. MI4CS is the way for MICHIGAN….

Why the simple, easy, first choices, are often people’s WORST mistake….

A Super-majority of TEA Party groups from across Michigan are meeting this weekend (Sat. 2/25) to determine who will be the next U.S. Senator from Michigan, at the Michigan4ConservativeSenate (MI4CS) Convention. MI4CS was created following a similar process from Indiana (Hoosiers 4 a Conservative Senate) and may (should?) be the next wave in TEA Party activism, across the country, to ensure REAL CONSERVATIVE Candidates make their way to GOP nominations (from BEFORE Primary elections and onto General election ballots) to thwart Establishment Republican control over the process. Informing/Educating the Electorate of REAL CHOICES and Candidates actual positions/records, before it is too late and we are stuck with them in a General Election as the only alternative to even worse choices of Liberal Democrats!

It is important to remind folks, that MARCO RUBIO was not the easy, simple, first choice of many people in FL for U.S. Senate. Many wanted Charlie Crist (like some in Michigan want to make a similar quick, easy, lazy, and) the Politically expedient option. Fortunately, real Conservative Patriots and the majority of TEA Party members in FL held out for a better choice and Marco Rubio is in the Senate today. Also, many people didn’t have Ronald Reagan as their first choice in 1980 also, thankfully, hard-work and people of principle won out and gave us the greatest President of our life-times. Some want to rush headlong into that mistake again with the Senate choice or even the GOP Presidential nomination this coming Tuesday!

People were also in a big hurry to jump of the “Bob Dole for President” bandwagon, or the “John McCain for President” band-wagon, and we see how well those options worked…. Other examples can also be given… Yet we see people running for the “he’s next in line” seemingly obvious, which should be obviously BAD choices (whether it be for U.S. Senate or this coming Tuesday’s Presidential Primary in MI), again.

A handful of groups want to toss the majority (50 other groups) under the TEA Party Express bus! They’d rather jump on the Political Expedience Express bus with the Washington insider (RINO) or the Party (RINO in-training) insider. Most, fortunately, recognize that this is Michigan’s MARCO RUBIO (Pat Toomey, Rand Paul, etc) moment and are making a stand.

More at:

As always, Regards from JLenardDetroit from “NoMoTown (The MOTORless CITY)”
“Remember, Liberals – looking to do for America, what they’ve done to Detroit. – Destroy it!”
“I think, therefore I am Conservative”
“Conservative by choice, Republican by necessity”
“The more things ‘hope and change’ the more they stay the same”
“You can lead a Liberal to the Truth (Facts), but you cannot make them THINK!”
“Romney (No, not my first choice) does NOT have a MORMON problem. He has a, far too many Americans; these days; are MORONS problem!”
“No more Lawyers to DC, send Accountants!”
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