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A Shield Surrounding The White House by John Lengemann

There must be a shield surrounding the White House that's impervious to information until it becomes a part of the national conversation.  Over the past several years Obama just didn't know about a number of things until he either read it in the newspapers or learned of it at the same time the news media learned of it.  He just didn't know about the gun running scheme "Fast & Furious."  He learned of the IRS scandal by reading about it in the newspaper.  He had no knowledge about the ambassador's requests for more security in Libya.  He had no knowledge of the spying on American citizens.  He didn't know that if you liked your doctor you COULDN'T keep him.  He didn't know if you liked your current health care plan you COULDN'T keep it.


These were all unknown to the President until the public became fully aware and when he found out he was really, really mad and vowed to do "something.""Something" never took place.  He is either the most ill-informed president in history or the most incompetent.


Now we find out from an elitist, liberal, Democratic professor and a principal architect of the Affordable Care Act [Obamacare] what really went on in the passage of this health care takeover.  Put as simply as possible the President, and those promoting passage of the health care bill, knowingly and intentionally lied to the citizens.  Professor Gruber of M.I.T. is the man who, condescendingly prideful of his role, bragged how the legislation was written intentionally deceptive so the public wouldn't know what it contained; how they had to lie about the cost because had the true cost been known it would never pass; and how the President and his supporters relied upon the "stupidity" [his word] of the American public.  The rationale for their deceptionis the belief that the ends justify the means. 


Quite simply the professor, the President and his fellow travelers believe the citizens are too stupid to know what is good for them and it is the burden of the educated elite to impose upon the citizens what they need whether they want it or not.


Refreshingly, it is good to hear someone from the far left progressive cabal finally admit to their opinion of the average citizen and how "Joe Citizen" needs to have his "betters" make decisions for him as he is too stupid to know what is best.  Conservatives have been making this claim about the Democrats and liberals for years only to be ignored by the media and denied by liberals.  Now the truth is out on video tape; not once but at least six times.  Everyone can see it.


Sadly the President takes us for fools and even after the shellacking of the last election he continues to ignore the voice of the voters.  He stated he heard the voice of those that voted but he also hears the voices of those that chose not to vote.  He chooses to ignore the former and it is thelatter that he is listening to.  Those voices are telling him to continue down the same path.  Hearing voices of those who do not speak is, in some cases, indicia of mental issues. In others it is simply obstinacy and arrogance.  It could be both.


John L. Lengemann

Imlay City, MI 

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